Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been proven to be effective in supporting people with anxiety and depression. One of the key components of this is helping people to realise that their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all linked. This activity involves showing students an image of a person/ people and asking students to discuss/ write notes on how what they think that person is thinking and feeling, and how that is making that person behave. Once students have shared their answers ask them to change one aspect and see how that affects the other answers.


E.g. Look at this picture and decide how they are thinking, feeling and behaving.

       Thinking: I am good at art and I love doing this.

       Feeling: Calm, proud.

       Behaviour: Quietly getting on with their art work.

If you change how the person is thinking it also changes their feelings and behaviours.

      Thinking: I am no good at art. 

      Feeling: Embarrassed, bored.

      Behaviour: Not making an effort, distracting other people.

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