Private Peaceful

Lesson 1

Objective: I can identify if someone is having a positive or negative influence on my wellbeing.

Read: Grandma Wolf Extract

Who has had a negative influence on mother's wellbeing in this extract?

Ask the class to imagine that everyone has a cup of all their good thoughts and feelings about themselves. Is Grandma Wolf helping to fill mother's cup or emptying it?

What could mother's children do to help fill mother's cup back up?

You: Draw your own cup, think of examples where someone has filled your cup this week and any examples where someone has emptied it. Reflect on which type of people you would prefer to spend time with and are there any ways you can fill your own cup when it is low.

Lesson 2

Objectives: Mental Wellbeing: I understand the importance of friendship and I am beginning to consider love and relationships in this context.

Physical wellbeing: I understand that growth and change are normal parts of growing up and I can manage this.

Read: Tommo and Molly extract p 32

How can you tell the characters are growing up?

What is changing in the characters relationship?

Draw a venn diagram for the qualities of a friendship and the qualities of a relationship and the in the middle the qualities that are the same.

You: Reflect on the qualities you want in a friendship and a relationship and what qualities you think are the most important for both.

Lesson 3

Objective: I have broad range of strategies for promoting my own emotional wellbeing.

Read: Joe extract

What strategies does Joe have to promote his emotional wellbeing?

As a class, draw a suitcase on the board and fill it with Joe's favourite things.

You: Draw your own suitcase and fill it with pictures of your favourite things. Think of times when it might be useful to get this suitcase out.