Emotions Bingo

Ask students to draw a 3x3 table and to put different emotions in each of the squares.

Then choose three images of people such as the ones below and display these on the board. To get a bingo students have to match the pictures to one of their rows of emotions on their bingo sheets. It is up to students how they justify that the person in the picture is feeling the emotion that they say they are.


E.G. If I had this bingo sheet and the three pictures below went up on the board, I could claim a bingo using the bottom horizontal line, because I could say.

The couple look excited in the picture, but underneath they might also feel worried about whether they will be good parents.

The two children might be feeling silly because they look like good friends and they might want to play some silly games together.

The girl looks focussed because she is concentrating on her drawing and isn't getting distracted.

Young Couple Expecting
Happy Children
Painting Eggs