Active Settling
Jumping Rope

If there is low energy in the group, you may want to make your settling activity more active. This will still help everyone escape their busy minds for a few minutes, and can be followed by some calm breathing.

Your active settling might be a series of exercises, such as jumping jacks and running on the spot.


Or you could try shaking every limb, one at a time e.g. shake your left foot, right foot, left leg, right leg, left hand, right hand, arms, head, and whole body.

You could try tensing every muscle, one by one and then releasing.

You could try a simon says type game, where you tell the class an action, but they have to ignore your first action and then follow the actions one step behind you eg.

Teacher: Jump up and down once.

Class: Do nothing.

Teacher: Touch your head.

Class: Jump up and down once.

Teacher: Turn around.

Class: Touch your head.